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u18 Boys, Runner-up, SASA LincolnLand Invitational  March 18-19, 2017

u15B (Team Getz)  BGC Kenosha Futsal Champs 2017

u11 Boys White (Indoor 2017)

Congratulations to Mens First Team Player Bobby Reed and his wife Laura on the Birth of Joey !

u12 Girls (Indoor 2017)

u18 Girls (Indoor 2017)

u17 Girls (Indoor 2017)

u16 Girls (Indoor 2017)

u15G GoalKeeper Taylor Primack competed in the ODP Inter-Regional Showcase with the 2002 Girls in Memphis TN over President's Day Weekend. Her pool team finished 2-0-1 and Taylor made 17 saves.
with wins over KY & TN.  She also played with the Midwest Region Pool Team making 4 saves and helping her team win a game.

u11 Boys Red, Fall 2017 YSSL Division 5NW Champs

Emma Carterís Battle to Conquer Traumatic Brain Injury

Update 1, Feb 17, 2017

Emma has completed her fourth week of therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The condition of her upper body (ribs, midsection, shoulders, neck) has improved and her pain level in those areas has reduced.

Emma still experiences intense headaches and head pain. She is learning new methods to help reduce pain and increase overall functionality. Emma participates in counseling sessions designed to reduce pain. She continues to work towards active participation in conversations and she is learning new methods to improve engaging in communications.

Her daily routine includes more structure, with specific time segments, tasks and details. She begins her day with calming stretches and breathing exercises, followed by breakfast and general preparation for the day. She reads for three minutes at a time while sitting at a desk with weights on her lap. The weights help her feel grounded and keep her from feeling dizzy, which improves her ability to focus on what she is reading. The rest of the day includes more activities of daily living with therapeutic methods and specific details to improve her functionality.

Emma has joined a Facebook group consisting of females under twenty-five years old who are suffering from long term concussion issues. The group has allowed for sharing of stories, peer support and an understanding that she is not alone in the fight to get better.

Words from Kelly Carter: "The Doctors have said that Emma is a fighter and doing well. They are proud of her work ethic, but it will take time for her to regain functional levels again. As her mom and caregiver, I could not be more proud. I am also honored by the outpouring of support from friends, family and the community. It has been the hardest thing I have ever been through. I miss her, she misses life, but together we find strength to keep moving forward through each other and with the support of our village of fighters and prayer makers. All I can say is thank you for you!"

Jan 9, 2017

In early November 2015, Emma Carter was a high school freshman at Grayslake North High School when her life changed during a weekend travel soccer game. In the final moments of the game, Emma was dribbling a soccer ball down the sideline with speed when she was tackled from behind by an opponent. She sustained body contusions and injuries to her ribs and other parts of her midsection, and although banged up, she returned the following week for her final game of the soccer season.

However, as the soccer season concluded and she transitioned back into school for finals, Emma began to complain of concussion-like symptoms not originally detected when she was evaluated after the November soccer game. It became evident that she could not concentrate and she reported daily headaches coupled with balance and vision difficulties. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a concussion in January of 2016, her second from in-game play.

And as Emma's concussion symptoms became worse, her focus worsened as well. When trying to read, words would move and jump around on the page and she was unable to retain information.

This lead her to withdraw from school in March, and eventually, from everyday life, as she showed worsening neurocognitive deficiencies when trying to participate in conversations with her friends and family.

Having hit a stagnation point in her recovery process, Emma was referred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Initial assessments confirmed that Emma would need to engage in an aggressive rehabilitation program to regain cognitive abilities.

With aspirations of studying Genetic Engineering, Emma put her dreams on hold given her new reality ó one where she needed to reset her expectations and learn to set new limits when studying and performing daily activities, as well as the cost of being able to achieve said goals.

But, as she comes to terms with accepting the changes in her life, Emma wonders, " when will I feel better? " and her mother Kelly is worried about how they'll foot the bill.

This GOFundMe Emma Carter TBI Page is being setup by the Chicago Kickers Soccer Club to help provide Coach Kelly Carter, a mother of three children with financial assistance in this time of need.

Please Help!

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